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Spinal disc herniation

Spinal curvature

Non-invasive and non-pharmacologic treatment of osteochondrosis and acute back pains using kinesitherapy. Effective treatment of spinal disc herniation without expensive medications and painful surgery using multi-functional exercise machines. In our centre we offer unique and effective physical training system using multi-functional exercise machines of Dr. Bubnovsky design (MTB I and MTB II) which helps to eliminate the spinal curvature in kids and adults with ease and no pain.

Joint diseases


Recovery after injuries

Non-invasive and non-pharmacologic treatment of arthritis and arthrosis, prevention of flat-footedness and curvature of the feet, preparation for joints replacement, post-surgery rehabilitation. Our physical therapy classes will help you restore blood supply in the articular surfaces, bring back the mobility and reduce the pain. Our unique system allows managing consequences of head injury, fracture of the pelvic bones, spinal fracture and sport injury with considerable success.

For future moms

Hip replacement


The effective exercise program for muscle strengthening and blood circulation improvement in the lesser pelvis of pregnant women. Recovery after the delivery. At Dr. Bubnovsky Medical Centre you can have preparation before hip replacement and post-surgery rehabilitation. Our effective technique with help to save pregnant woman's health and provide recovery if complications occur during delivery.

Dr. Bubnovsky Medical Centre - non-pharmacologic treatment of spinal disorders, spinal disc herniation and joint disease.

Non-invasive, non-pharmacologic treatment of spinal disorder and joint disease (osteochondrosis, spinal disc herniation, spinal curvature, arthritis/arthrosis, stage 1 and 2 coxarthrosis). Recovery after fracture, injury and traffic collision. Correction of women's health.

Dr. Bubnovsky Medical Centre is an official member of the network of more than 110 centres working under S.M. Bubnovsky technique in Russian Federation and other countries: Finland, Montenegro, USA, India, Ireland, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus and Ukraine.

The fundamentals of the technique created by Professor S.M. Bubnovsky, Doctor of Medicine are grounded on the treatment by locomotion (kinesitherapy). The technique itself includes the exercise system designed to activate deep muscles adjacent to spine and large joints. It increases muscle blood flow, blood supply of osseous and cartilaginous tissue thus providing necessary condition for their restoration.

Going through our specialized exercise system under supervision of the certified specialists will help you prevent or overcome musculoskeletal system disorders such as osteochondrosis, spinal disc herniation, arthritis, and arthrosis and to restore your health after injuries.

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