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Non-surgical treatment of an intervertebral disk hernia

Discal hernia is not a sentence.

Question: What is discal hernia?

Answer:Individual vertebrae in the spinal column are interconnected by dense intervertebral disks, which provide flexibility and mobility to the column. The intervertebral disk hernia is not independent disease. It is one of complications of osteochondrosis.

Question: Why does discal hernia develop?

Answer: According to chemical analysis disks of people suffering from osteochondrosis resemble disks of very old people though the patients examined were 30 to 35 years old. If a person does not use back muscles for pull-ups and chest muscles for push-ups these muscles will become atrophied, weaken and … grow old. Atrophied muscles aren’t able to provide a normal tissue trophism of vertebrae and intervertebral disks, chronic insufficiency of blood supply leads to metabolic dysfunction and gradual destruction of a disk (more). Thus the discal hernia is a consequence of long inactivity of muscles adjoining the spinal column; in sports – it’s a result of muscles misuse. (Bubnovsky S.M. “Discal Hernia is not asentence”, Moscow, 2008)

Question: Is it necessary to operate an intervertebral hernia?

Answer: According to the opinion of Canadian neurosurgeon G. Hall 98 % of surgeries concerning hernias are unreasoned at least because they are the result of physical inadequacy of the spinal muscles. Surgery of one affected disk without the consequent blood supply restoration is absolutely unreasonable since it is impossible to restore blood supply to the whole region with neither scalpel nor laser. Practice shows that the relapse after an operation is inevitable

Question: How do you treat intervertebral disk hernia with Dr. Bubnovsky technique?

Answer: УExercises using Dr. Bubnovsky multifunctional exercise machine helps stimulate the muscles through correct exercising and to improve blood circulation in the region of the affected disk.
The muscular tissueis the only tissue of the organism, capable of restoring its functions at any age (!), but … if the appropriate conditions are created, the most important of which is the pump function of constriction-relaxation. Spine muscles basically play the role of intervertebral disks blood vessels. Having created the conditions for constriction-relaxation of muscles it is possible to restore blood circulation, trophic and metabolic processes in any joint, and two vertebrae and a disk between them is a joint too. (Bubnovsky S.M. “Discal Hernia is not a sentence”, Moscow, 2008). This in turn stimulates the immune system which leads to the resorption of the destroyed disk fragment. Thus the hernia can dissolve or be minimized even without medicines and operations.
The Dr. Bubnovsky multifunctional exercise machine allows unloading the spine. As a result the performance of exercises is safe and nearly painless.
Exercises are selected by the principle of gradual load increase and strictly individually taking into account special needs and the general state of the patient.

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