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Scoliosis treatment (spinal curvature) | treatment of scoliosis of adults and children

“Straighten up!”(Scoliosis treatment).

Question: What is the difference between scoliosis and kyphosis?

Scoliosis is an abnormal lateral curvature of the spinal column, and kyphosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine in backwards direction. Scoliosis can be right- or left-sided. As a rule it occurs in the chest region of the spine. Later it can spread to the lumbar region and in such case a S-shaped scoliosis develops. Severe scoliosis can be accompanied by misalignment of the pelvis, gait abnormality and impediment of lungs and heart functions.

Question: Why does scoliosis develop?

The spine cannot keep the symmetric shape by itself. It is supported by muscles of the body. Significant effort of the muscles is needed to sustain the spine in a correct position. If they do not cope the spine starts to deform (most often signs of scoliosis are identified during the period of intensive growth –from 6-8 years old and from 10-12 years old). Thus scoliosis it not a disease; it is a sign of chronic weakness and underdevelopment of muscles which in combination with an incorrect posture, a habit to carry a schoolbag in one hand, flat-footedness, etc., leads to an abnormal curvature of the spine. Failure to start treatment in timely fashion and remove the main cause of scoliosis may lead to unpleasant results for your child. And no matter how often you tell him or her to straighten up or sit straight – it won’t help. But if the efforts are directed at the symmetric strengthening of muscles of a back the spine may be straightened naturally.

Question: How do we identify scoliosis of a child?

Answer: Ask the child to stand up with their back turned to you and to relax. Let the child assume the usual posture. First of all you should consider the following signs of scoliosis:

- One shoulder is a little higher than the other
- One of scapulas protrudes
- One arm is closer to the body than the other one
- The spine curvature is noticeable when bending over.

Question: What does Dr. Bubnovsky technique do to treat scoliosis?

Answer: At doctor Bubnovsky Center we have developed a unique and effective system of exercises for scoliosis treatment using Dr. Bubnovsky multi-functional exercise machines. This system ensures gentle and painless elimination of spine deformations.
Every child will be offered a customized complex of treatment exercises. Certified experts of the Center will teach the patients to perform movements correctly and will monitor their performance. Children perform the same exercises as the adults, but the customizable loads are much lesser. Another skill taught at the Center is the correct breathing technique since exercises must be performed during a particular exhaling.
The most important thing is to start the scoliosis treatment in time. Incorrect posture such as stooping, excessive spine deflection forwards or backwards usually precedes scoliosis. You can save you child from spine problems in the future if you visit the Center in time.
Children and teenagers who are still growing (up to 16-18 years old) recover from scoliosis completely even if the diagnosis was already made.
Treatment of scoliosis after the age of 20 is much more difficult. However, even at the adult age we can considerably improve the situation, remove pain and stop the progress of scoliosis and even return the spine to its natural form if the exercises are performed regularly and correctly.
Scoliosis treatment with the Dr. Bubnovsky technique, which means performing exercises, recommended by the doctor, in combination with contrast cold training (sauna + cold shower) not only eliminates scoliosis symptoms but also benefits the health of the whole organism.
Please also note that the kids that are treated at the Center are taught to take care for their body from the youngest age. They are brought up not to rely on doctors and medicines.
The optimistic atmosphere at the Center is nothing like the atmosphere at polyclinics and hospitals at all. “We do not have patients. We only have people soon to be healthy again. This is our attitude toward the patient.” (S.M. Bubnovsky).

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