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Non-surgical treatment of coxarthrosis


Question: do you treat coxarthrosis?

Answer: We can successfully treat the 1st and 2nd degree of coxarthrosis using customized exercises in accordance with Dr. Bubnovsky technique. As the result of the exercises the blood supply to the joint tissue is restored; motility returns and pain disappears. In addition, there is no need to take medicines, which may have a negative effect on other systems of the organism; so the general condition and quality of life of the patient improves.

Question: What happens during coxarthrosis?

Answer: Normally the hip joint resembles a hinge covered with a cartilage. Free motion and rotation of the “hinge” is ensured by the “lubricant” – the joint fluid filling the lumen of the joint. At the beginning of the disease due to various causes the properties of the joint fluid change. It becomes dense and viscous. Without the appropriate “greasing” the joint cartilage dries out and its surface becomes rough and covered with cracks. As a result when there is a movement of the joint the friction between the joint surfaces increases and the cartilage becomes thinner. Gradually the distance between joint bones decreases, they become exposed from under the cartilage and distorted as pressure on them increases.
The process is accompanied by a conscious restriction of movement. The patient starts to “spare” the affected leg. As the result muscles atrophy develops; joint blood supply is impaired and blood circulation in the joint decreases. Consequently the metabolism in a joint slows down. Gradually the motility of the affected leg becomes more and more restricted and the pain increases.

Question: What is “Dr. Bubnovsky technique of the coxarthrosis treatment”?

Answer: Based on the X-ray results and the examination of muscular system of the patient (miofascial diagnostics) the doctor of the Center develops a customized program of exercises. The instructor monitors the correct performance of the exercises and ensures correct technique of motions and movements. Load prescription is strictly individual. Specially adapted exercises are available for the weakened patients, which they can perform with pleasure. Subsequently they will have more and more challenging tasks. Special attention is paid to the correct breathing, which is critical for proper medical effect.
Strict dosage of loads and gradual complexity of exercises allow to obtain steady treatment results: motility of the joint is regained; the movement range increases, and pains and lameness disappear. Besides the medical-regenerative function the exercises also improve physical condition of the whole organism. And the chance to feel oneself healthy again, to feel the pleasure of painless movement, improves the morale of the patient as well.

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